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We're here to provide a clear pathway to Organic.

Farmers Alliance Membership

Welcome to Farmers Alliance Membership, where we unite a diverse community of farmers, producers, sellers, consumers, and industrial buyers committed to sustainable agriculture and ethical practices. Whether you're a farmer seeking guidance on transitioning to organic methods, a vendor looking to expand your market reach, a consumer passionate about supporting local produce and community-supported agriculture (CSA), or an industrial buyer seeking responsible sourcing, our membership offers tailored solutions to meet your needs.


Join us in fostering a resilient and inclusive agricultural ecosystem, where sustainable practices benefit everyone involved.

Are you a...

Whether you're a beginning farmer or  just looking to maximize your profits there are multiple reasons to become a member with Farmers Alliance

Benefits for producers include support in



Limited Time

Organic Transition

Facilitated Transition to an Organic Certification.


  • We will help provide direction and guide you to resources that will aid you in your Organic transition journey. Such resources include:

    • mentors

    • tutorials

    • templates

    • roadmaps

    • financial aid programs

  • Access to our educational site

Markets and Marketing

Guided access to markets and marketing.

Producers benefit from all perks extended to Sellers/Vendors such as:

  • Market Access Assistance (coverage varies)

    • discounted farmers market materials

      • booths

      • tents

      • banners

    • facilitation and assistance in obtaining local certification for nutritional support programs

  • Discounted market booth insurance through FLIP

  • Marketing Support

    • Presence on Farmers Alliance Website

    • Placement on our newsletter

    • Presence on our Ad Totem

    • Discounts on printing materials

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